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Introducing you to a brand new way of getting next-level samples…. Much more than just a standard sample pack. Something high-quality, fun and inspiring.

Simply Subscribe here to receive world class samples each month. Hand crafted to seriously liven up your productions. Giving you a monthly burst of fresh sounds from only the hottest producers in Drum & Bass music. You will also find production based tutorial videos to get you hyped with new ideas!

Our Sample Creators AKA The Genies...

MAZTEK  (Renegade Hardware / Subculture)

INSIDE INFO (Viper / Virus / Critical)


QUADRANT  (Dispatch / Commercial Suicide)

RIDO  (Metalheadz / Subtitles / Invisible)

STEALTH  (Program / Subtitles / Critical)

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These high profile producers of Drum & Bass will be blowing you away every month with a fresh set of new sounds, made exclusively for you as a Sample Genie premium subscriber. These sounds have NOT been used in any existing music by the artists nor will they be. They are royalty free and made fresh just for you - still with the protective cover on!!

Nowhere will you find such Top quality sounds delivered to you every month…


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